CryptoWeebs: one-of-one NFT avatars

69 uniquely drawn avatars created by anime culture-loving weebs, for the weebs.

Dear Weebs,

We are excited to announce the drop of CryptoWeebs, our one-of-one collection consisting of 69 NFT anime-inspired avatars.

We like crypto, and we like art, but you know what we really like? Anime.

And so do you.

What’s a CryptoWeeb?

A CryptoWeeb is an ERC-721 token (NFT) that lives on the Ethereum blockchain. Each avatar is unique and one-of-one.

The CryptoWeeb Collection

The collection consists of 69 CryptoWeeb NFTs. Six of these are reserved for the team, five will be listed for sale, and the remaining 58 will be auctioned off.

When is the launch?

The CryptoWeebs collection will be available for purchase or bidding on OpenSea on Friday, March 5th at 8:00 pm GMT.

The launch will be broken down as follows:
5 immediately available for purchase
6 reserved for team members
58 auctioned off

The five CryptoWeebs that will be listed for sale will be priced at 3 ETH. Bids for the auctioned CryptoWeebs will start at 1 ETH and will be on auction for 24 hours. You can view the collection on OpenSea here.

Team CryptoWeebs + Giveaways

6 of the 69 CryptoWeeb avatars will be transferred to team members. These avatars are WEBB, KT, RJ, GUTTY, HAVIK, and GUCCI TROLL.

We will be minting three additional Special Edition CryptoWeebs that will be given away to community members. One will be given away to a member of our Discord server, another will be given away during the collection’s drop on clubhouse, and the last will be given away on Twitter.

Thank you,
Webb, Gucci Troll, RJ, KT, Gutty, and Havik
CryptoWeebs Team