16 one-of-one hand-drawn pixel art avatars with in-game utility in the upcoming Worldwide Web3 video game.

Your Crypto GF is more than an NFT

Each Crypto GF NFT will give the holder access to the 3D playing card video, the transparent PNG avatar, a printable card, and an AR filter (as demonstrated below).

In order to utilize the AR filter, you’ll need to download and print off the printable trading card. The AR filter can only be used with the trading card through Instagram.

In-game content

Crypto GF holders may connect their web3 wallets to the upcoming MMORPG video game, World Wide Web3, by unlocking the Crypto GF’s complex back story built into a choose your own adventure quest system.

The Launch

Crypto GFs will be dropping on OpenSea on Sunday, March 14th at 8:00pm GMT. The auction will only be open for one hour, and bids will start at Ξ2.

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