16 one-of-one hand-drawn pixel art avatars with in-game utility in the upcoming Worldwide Web3 video game.

Each Crypto GF NFT will give the holder access to the 3D playing card video, the transparent PNG avatar, a printable card, and an AR filter (as demonstrated below).

In order to utilize…

69 uniquely drawn avatars created by anime culture-loving weebs, for the weebs.

Dear Weebs,

We are excited to announce the drop of CryptoWeebs, our one-of-one collection consisting of 69 NFT anime-inspired avatars.

We like crypto, and we like art, but you know what we really like? Anime.

And so do you.

What’s a CryptoWeeb?

A CryptoWeeb is an ERC-721 token (NFT) that lives on the…

Worldwide WEB3

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